INFODENT SRL has been operating in the dental market for 20 years. Our main product is INFODENT INTERNATIONAL B2B magazine, mailed worldwide to 20,500 companies in the dental trade and industry.

We provide customised B2B marketing services and consultancy to help companies in the dental trade and industry find international partners, expand into new markets and promote their brand on an international scale.

Since 2003 we have expanded our activity to the whole medical sector through INFOMEDIX INTERNATIONAL, our B2B medical magazine, and a range of related marketing services.
Registered Office:
C.ne Gianicolense, 68
00152 Rome - Italy

Strada Cassia Nord Km 86,300
01100 Viterbo - Italy
Certificate Number: CERT-15119-2004-AQ-ROM-SINCERT
Standard: ISO 9001:2015
Valid From: 26 November 2004
Valid Until: 21 September 2019
Status: Issued/Current
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Strada Reg. Cassia Nord Km 86,300

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4th Floor
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United Kingdom
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